There are a few key products and tests I HIGHLY recommend to help you out during your PYP journey. Keep reading for all the info!

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As we go through PYP, and you have access to all f my recipes, you will noticed TLC seasonings being referenced a lot. This is my line of Handcrafted Seasoning Blends and in the past 18 months they have really taken off and are now even on Amazon!!

Use code THANKS for 20% off and free shipping! 

They are all…

  • All-natural and organic.

  • Free of gluten, sugar, dairy and preservatives.

  • Low or no sodium (4 contain sea salt).

  • No non-caking agents like silicone dioxide…clumping is a GOOD THING!.

  • Herbs and spices imported from around the world.

Pure and tasty, each expertly crafted blend is a balanced symphony of flavors that hits your palate in different areas.

With something for everyone, I am pretty confident is saying that once you have tasted my Seasonings, store bought options will be a thing of the past!

Do you know why you bloat and retain water? Maybe certain foods give you tummy troubles? I HIGHLY recommend this test you guys! Even my Dad and Sister (both Doctors) are highly impressed!

This tests over 90 foods for reactions, and the process couldn’t be easier! Order the kit online, get it to your house, follow the instructions to collect a sample and send it back in. EASY! (I also highly recommend their thyroid and metabolism tests.)


Probiotics are soooo essential ladies! You want to keep your gut healthy, for a ton of reasons but basically probiotics are “good” bacteria to help maintain digestive health and boost the immune system. (We will go over this in depth in the group!)

I have tried so many different brands…some store brands, some big brands, some that you have to keep refrigerated and the the list goes on. However, I ALWAYS come back to the Culturelle brand. It works for me, and my tummy, and how I prefer to take them, not to mention they are easy to get a hold of if I run out!

I love greens for a number of reasons, but to be honest I HATE the taste! Sure, you can totally go buy cold-pressed juices at your favorite local juicery but I love having this on hand! In one swoop (or a couple chugs) you flood your system with micronutrients and rev your metabolism.

My tip for disguising the taste? Use cold water and then I add in my Inflammation Buster seasoning, shake and chug a lug! It’s still not amazing tasting but it gets the job done.

If you need to add more protein to your diet but are sick of chicken and turkey and all the other options, drink some of this!

I combine mine with ice cold almond milk and then one of my seasonings (Inflammation Buster ROCKS with this), shake and enjoy!

PS They also have chocolate and strawberry flavors. YAY!