Answering Your Burning Questions

Q: Can you explain this program a bit more? How exactly does it work and how is it different form all the other ones on the market?

A: I’d be happy to! This program is based on YOUR unique metabolism and body type. Over the years I have found that people generally fit into three main categories, and each of those categories have totally different needs as far as their macros (carbs, protein, and fat). This is where the plates come in (think pie chart). 

I have also found that EVERY person benefits from “front-loading” their food and carbs… meaning more food and carbs at lunch and breakfast and then tapering off in the evening. Your “plates” will make this effortless for you!

Q: Will I be following a strict meal plan?

A: No! Christy will provide you with a TON of her amazing Chef-created recipes, as well as guidelines for snacks and creating your own meals. This is not a “one size fits all plan”, you can very much customize it to suit your lifestyle! That is the true beauty of this plan! The importance lies in making sure you follow your plate guides. 

Q: Will I be counting, weighing, measuring or tracking my food and macros? 

A: No counting calories, weighing your food or tracking macros over here, your “plate” literally determines how much you eat of what category, and you have 2 different “plates” throughout the day. Literally, think of your plate as a pie chart. I promise you that once you get the hang of it, it will become a no-brainer. 

Q: Do I have to workout? And if I do work out how do I incorporate that aspect?

A: While you do not have to workout, I always recommend some exercise! IF you add in exercise then I will teach you a bit more about nutrient timing and carb cycling based out your particular plate, thus bringing you even better results! You will automatically receive a FREE workout guide based on your “plates” AND there is the option to purchase a COMPLETE workout program as an add-on from my friend and CPT Nicci Howard. 

Q: Can I do this program if I am a nursing Mom? What if I am pregnant?

A: Absolutely! Christy will work hard to ensure that we can help as many ladies as possible. I have worked with many nursing Moms in my programs, with no shortage of milk supply! If you do happen to see a dip in your supply, I will work with you to bring it back up. If you are pregnant, careful thought will be put into assigning your plate to make sure you and the baby are getting all the correct nutrients. 

Q: Will we be fasting at all? What exactly is modified intermittent fasting (OPTIONAL)? Will I not be eating for days? 

A: Intermittent fasting simply means periods of not eating, so that your body can break down and use your food as it’s needed. There are MANY variations of it out there, some having your fast for days, some for 24 hours, and some only give you a 4 or 6-hour “feeding window.” Not us! Our “eating window” is 9 – 10  hours…more than you will find on most any other plan on the market.As 2 Certified Nutritionists, we knew that we could put our heads together and make an outstanding plan! 

The benefits of IF include reduced insulin levels, stable blood sugar, increased metabolism, increased fat-burning, more mental clarity and focus, lowered triglycerides in the blood, and better appetite control.

Intermittent fasting is not “required” to see results, but I HIGHLY recommend it as a helpful tool. 

Q: If I am “fasting” won’t that slow down my metabolism?

A: Nope!

Q: What do I get for my $147 investment?

  • An awesome 5-week program that is easy to tailor to your very busy schedule. 
  • An amazing program guide to help you make sense of your plates and help set you up for success.
  • A comprehensive prep week where we will discuss issues such as salt, carbs, fat, thyroid, weight lifting, increasing your metabolism and MORE!
  • A workout “guide” to match your plate, with the option of a full workout program for an additional minimal investment. 
  • A kick butt Facebook group for accountability, and accountability partners. 
  • Access to a TON of Chef & Nutritionist created recipes!
  • Exclusive deals on Christy’s rave-reviewed Tiny Little Chef products, such as Handcrafted Seasoning Blends and Gluten Free Snack Mix.
  • AND MORE! 

Q: What if I don’t like the program?

A: Listen, the first-week may be tough, it always is when you try and new food and fitness program. But I promise that if you stick with it for the full 4 weeks, you will see unbelievable results! I have helped hundreds of clients, and I just know we can help you too! If you go through the whole program, put forth your best effort, and are not satisfied with your results, I will refund your money.